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Your fence is the first thing that meets the eye of everyone who comes to your house or passes by. The right choice will not only enhance the look of your property but the overall value. For this reason, it is best to put a little more thought into what design you will go for when getting a new fence. Making this decision on the spot can be overwhelming as there are many kinds of fence designs to choose from. Each kind has its pros and cons and you will have to live with your decision for years to come. With the right information, however, this need not be such a daunting task.


Here’s a list of 12 fence designs trending right now:


1. Stone

Stone This classic fence design is popular for its simplicity and durability. Installing a new stone fence around your yard is certain to give a high level of privacy and protection for your home. With the right colors, textures, and patterns, this option can look very sophisticated. The main downside of this design is the relatively high cost of installation. You will, however, get value for your money since this fence is very resilient when it comes to the elements.


2. Plexiglass 

Plexiglass fencing is one of the newer fencing designs that are currently in trend. They provide that highly sought-after minimalist look to your home. You can frame the glass panels with warm-toned wooden planks to add some warmth and uniqueness to an otherwise bland exterior. Plexiglass fencing may be unsuitable for certain climates. Before installing this kind of fence, be sure to consult an experienced contractor in your location.


3. Brick  

Brick fences are very similar to stone fences in terms of privacy and durability. They maintain their quality and appearance for a very long time, even in the harshest of climates. Plain grey bricks arranged in simple patterns allow the designs of modern and contemporary homes to stand out. There are many other colors and textures of bricks you can choose from to match your personal taste.


4. Flat Wood Panels

Flat wood panels placed horizontally have become more popular recently. They are commonly called ‘Hipster fences’ in California because almost every flipped property in Los Angeles has one. To give this traditional fence a modern feel, place the wooden panels horizontally instead of the classic vertical arrangement. This will set it apart from the classic wooden fence and give your home an upgraded look. Retaining the natural color tone of the wood will make your exteriors look simple and elegant.


5. Lattice  

Installing a lattice fence with a stylish pattern can dramatically transform the look of your property. This is the best choice if you are looking for an open airy feel. There are many kinds of lattice designs to choose from depending on the level of privacy you want. Planting some beautiful climbers around this fence will enhance the aesthetic quality of your exterior and give you a little more privacy. 


6. Geometric

Geometric design, like lattice fencing, does not offer you much privacy. It does, however, allow you to showcase your creativity by choosing from a large selection of shapes and materials. You can install the pattern together with a solid fence in an alternating fashion or place it all around your yard. Alternatively, you can choose to install it in a limited area such as the front part of your fence.


7. Corrugated metal sheets 

This is one of the most pocket-friendly fence designs you can go for. Metal sheets tend to be very lightweight and are resistant to rust and mold. During installation, the sheets are cut into smaller similarly-sized sheets and arranged side by side all around the yard. To give the fence some uniqueness, you can place wooden posts between the metal sheets or on the entire top edge of the fence. 


8. Picket fence

This classic fence design is a great option if you are going for a retro look. It serves the basic purpose of defining the extent of your property while at the same time adding a charming look to your home. Unlike many other fence designs, a picket fence will not provide much privacy or protection for your house but will certainly make it feel homey.


9. Painted wood 

Adding a bright bold color to your wooden fence is the perfect way to show your eccentric side. You can go for a more neutral shade like white, brown or grey instead, for a more toned-down look. Before choosing this kind of fence, you must bear in mind that this will require a bit more maintenance than other fence designs. With time the paint is bound to chip away, and a fresh coat now and then will be required.


10. Composite wood

Composite or engineered wood creates the classic look of a wooden fence but is much more resilient than regular wood. The materials used during the manufacturing process confer a very high level of durability and make it relatively less vulnerable to the elements. Although the panels are manmade, they closely resemble real wood in terms of their look and feel. They are, however, relatively more expensive than regular wood.


11. Natural Branch 

Just like a picket fence, this kind of fence will effectively delineate the boundaries of your property but with a much more natural feel. Placing this kind of fence along a path or around a lush garden will add an earthy touch to your yard. Natural branch fences, however, provide little to no privacy and do not give much protection to your property.


12. Thin wooden slats 

This kind of fence uses regular wood but in a unique and sophisticated way. Instead of the usual broad wooden panels, thinner slats are used, giving your home a modern appeal. With this fence design, your home is certain to stand out and catch the eye of everyone who passes by.