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All About Fence Post Repair


Fences serve a crucial role around any property. They offer security, safety, beauty and privacy around a home or a business premise. But there comes a time when your fence will need repair; be it for maintenance or transformation purposes. Sometimes, all your fencing needs is repair of a section and not replacement of the entire fence. One of the reasons that warrant repair vs replacement of the whole fence includes rotten fence posts. Rot is a problem many homes’ fences face. While most people think about digging out the whole post, there is a means of correcting the damage without digging only if the damage is not as extensive.

Before starting fence post repair, it is important to assess the condition of the post first. It may be rotten that you easily pull it out of the ground, or perhaps it is infested with termites. Broken posts are also a possibility, but the thing is you do not have to replace the whole of it. Use a post mender and restore the fence post to its original good-looking state. The mender saves you money and time. Besides, you will not have to dig out the post since the mender reinforces it while in the ground eliminating the need for a hole digger.

Repairing Vinyl Fence Posts

Among the many types of fences, there is vinyl. If you have such a fence around your property, you need to understand how fence post repair for a vinyl fence works. Even if you will call a repair person to mend it for you, it is great if you also know something about the process.

Vinyl fences are irresistible. They are attractive, long lasting and tough. Nonetheless, they suffer their share of damage on the posts or panels calling for repairs. For example, harsh weather such as ice frost could pull out vinyl fence posts. One way to remedy that is to fill the hole with cement. You may even have to dig new holes or deepen the present ones.

Now, to understand the kind of fence post repair your vinyl fence needs, it is helpful to know the components of the vinyl fence. It consists of treated 4×4 wood posts and a metal sleeve insert. The vinyl is installed around the wood and metal sleeve.

Take time to evaluate the post. If there is no wood post, remove the cap then insert a new post. It will offer extra strength to the fence. If the wood post is inside, inspect it to identify any damage especially at its base. Utilize a fence post mender when the damage is not much. Do not rush to replace the whole post, as it will increase expenses.

How to Repair Post Anchors in Concrete, and Post Spikes without Concrete

We cannot talk about fence post repair without mentioning post anchors and post spikes. Old wood posts tend to rot after some time. If concrete was used in installing them, you could still use it for new posts. Fence post anchors can be of help in such a repair situation. The anchors prevent installation of wood fences in the concrete. Therefore, there will be no more rotting.

When the damage on the wood post is minimal, a post mender would be appropriate instead of removing the entire post. Minimal damage includes things such as cracks and broken posts. The mender prevents the need to remove concrete around the post hole.

With post spikes, they are an alternative to wood-in-concrete posts. As you think about fence post repair, consider spikes because they are unlikely to rot like wood posts, thus more durable. However, harsh weather such as frost heaving affects the stability of spikes. They may not hold the fence as firmly as a wood-in-concrete post would.

Replacing fence posts takes time and energy. It might be straining and difficult sometimes, but it is doable and worth your while. There are a variety of fence posts for example metallic chain link fence posts and vinyl fence posts. They are available in different shapes and sizes that you will be spoilt for choice. Vinyl fence posts are usually easier to repair considering you do not have to dig up the posts or extract them from the hardened cement. Depending on the kind of fence posts you have, you now understand what your fence post repair task will look like.

You Do Not Need a Post Hole Digger Anymore

 There are many post hole digger brands in the market. However, you will be surprised to find out that you do not need them. Why? You may ask. As already mentioned, fence post mender gets rid of the need to purchase a digger. Today, you can easily repair vinyl and wood fence without any digging, thanks to vinyl repair kits and post menders.

Fence post repair does not have to be a difficult or dirty job. With a mender, there is no moving of concrete or digging. Repair takes minutes saving time for other tasks waiting for you at home.

What about Fence Post Repair Cost?

Fence posts are affordable, but the labor involved in repairing them can be a little costly. You need to budget for fence post repair beforehand. Make sure you asses your posts to know the extent of the damage. It will be easier estimating the expenses. The more the damage, the more you may pay, and the vice versa is true. If you know how to repair fence posts, then you are lucky. All you need is material for the job.

Fence post-assessment is helpful. Make it frequent. Do not wait for rot to ruin your wood posts before you take action. As you go for walks around the neighborhood, set aside some minutes to inspect your fence for damages. The earlier you notice cracks, termites, rot or broken posts, the lower the repair expenses.

Whether the job is big or small, you may not want to go the DIY route. If you are looking for a fence post repair company, make sure you settle on one with experience and a great reputation in the field. Ask friends and family for recommendations or check online reviews for companies in your area. This will ensure you get a fair estimate and the best quality service. If you are in the Greater Baton Rouge, Louisiana area, contact us at Aamerican Fence company. We can help you with all of your fence repair or fence installation needs.