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Chain Link Fence Repair – Simple Solutions to Common Problems  

Chain link fences make for a great way to keep the little ones and pets within your property for relatively low cost but high efficacy, while looking good to boot. It’s no wonder so many people choose to have them. The thing is, you’ll probably need to have repair work done when some of the more common chain link fencing issues show up over time. It’s no reason to worry, however, because one of the biggest advantages that comes with this type of fence is in just how easily it can be fixed. 

What Calls for Repairs? 

The most common situations that would call for a fence repair job are mechanical damage, sagging, and the onset of rust. Your fence can get damaged as a result of severe weather such as windy storms – you can’t really expect them to hold up against gale-force winds and falling trees. 

Sagging, on the other hand, is a slower process, but can be just as damaging if not arrested early on. A weak foundation or loose fence posts are the major reasons for this, but they can be fixed up with a lot less fuss if they are noticed and dealt with just as they start to show. You can get lucky and never have any incidences of damage or sagging in your fence, but when it comes to rust, there’s almost no escape. 

The good news here is that in all three of these scenarios, the solution is as simple as a day’s work by a professional that knows what they’re doing. 

What’s to be done for a Sagging Fence? 

When you’re faced with a sagging situation, chain link fence repair will only call for three supplies; concrete, a shovel, and struts. Once the area with the weakened post or loose foundation is pin-pointed, it’s for the repairman to dig up around the spot. With this done, the next step is to pour in the concrete and place your post in there, with the struts as support as the concrete sets. Even though it’s true that you can repair such an issue without the use of concrete, this is the best way to ensure the problem doesn’t recur. 

What about Rust or Severe Damage to a Fence? 

In these cases, you will probably have to repair a sizable portion of your fence. First off, if the fence rail is affected, this will have to dealt with before anything else. Using a hacksaw, the rail will have to be cut away and put aside after removing the brace bands, post cap, and tension bands. These will be put back once the new rail is fitted.  For this, you’ll need to have at least two people on the job to stretch out the new chain link between the two posts. Take note to be sure that the bands and caps are replaced in their proper positions and that the bolts holding the fence to the posts are tightened securely. The attachment of the vertical brace band and tension bands can be adequately handled by any available fence repair professional. 

Fixing Up the Chain Mesh Itself 

Should the damage or rust be localized in an area of the mesh alone, your chain link fence repair operation will be a whole lot easier. A fence puller attached to the two immediately adjacent posts will be tightened to allow for the tension bar to be easily removed. The damaged area can then be cut out and a new section woven in using pliers. With that done, it will only remain to reattach the tension bar, tightening it, and putting in the wire supports. 

What About the Cost? 

As with most hands-on jobs, the cost of your chain link fence repair will depend largely on the size of the job itself. A sagging post caught early will be cheaper to rectify than a fence that’s completely wrecked. It’s ultimately a question of the cost of materials involved and the time it will take the professional to complete the job. This shouldn’t be too great a cost, however, as the job itself should be a piece of cake for any professional and the hours involved are few. 

The thing to keep in mind is that the small cost involved in chain link fence repair is entirely worthwhile if it keeps you and yours secure while maintaining the impeccable appearance of your property. If you are in the greater Baton Rouge, LA area, give us a call at Aamerican Fence Company. We have over 30 years experience installing and repairing residential and commercial chain link fencing. 


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