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Choosing the Best Fence Restoration Company

According to data from the FBI, house break-ins happen every 18 seconds in the US. That is a whopping 5,800 cases of burglary every day! These figures show that burglary is indeed on the rise, underscoring the need to take necessary precautions. Do not be another statistic; invest in a good fence. Fences are a good step toward curtailing intruders and protecting the privacy of your home. 

Beyond reinforcing the security of your home, fences can also help to enhance the outdoor beauty of your home. Sadly, fences are not a onetime investment since they are prone to damage and deterioration. When that happens, you will need to find the best fence repair company to restore your fence. 

Choosing the best fence repair company is integral to the security and safety of your home, just as the fence itself is. As it stands, the Baton Rouge area is flooded with fence repair companies making it overwhelming when choosing a repair company. Consumers naturally wonder “How do I choose the best?” 

The basic factors to consider when hiring a fence repair company include cost, experience, professionalism, and quality of service. However, making the decision based on these variables alone can be a big mistake. 

An equally important factor, sometimes outweighing all others, is your fence type. Depending on the type of fencing, a professional contractor can sometimes end up costing you much less than a handyman. The rest of this article will explore the different types of fencing available in the market.  

Chain Link Fence   

These are the most common types of fences. Their popularity in Baton Rouge is largely due to their affordability and ease of installation. Chain link fences might be easy to install but repairing them is a big challenge that many contractors try to avoid. Many contractors or fence repair companies will advise you to buy a new fence rather than try to fix it. 

This is where A-American Fence Company can step in to save you from unnecessary stress and expense. Our specialists will make quick assessments and make the right recommendations for renovating your fence.  

Wrought Iron Fence   

They are durable, stately, and strong. Wrought iron is considered the most elite form of fencing materials in the market. Wrought iron fences are usually long-lasting. Even so, they are susceptible to damages including rust/corrosion, breakages, and effects of bad weather. Wrought iron fences cost a fortune to install so it is wise to keep up with their maintenance to avoid losing value on your investment. Handling wrought iron fences require skill and years of experience. At A-American Fence Company, our portfolio speaks for us. We have made many wrought iron fence clients happy with our team of industrious and innovative technicians. 

 Vinyl Fence 

This is PVC plastic based fencing. Vinyl fences come in various colors and sizes that can accentuate the beauty of your home. Experts state that vinyl fences are five times stronger and more durable compared to wood. Another added benefit is that they are flexible and easy to clean and re-paint. Additionally, vinyl fences are affordable to install and easy to repair and maintain. 

Damage to vinyl fences largely stems from weather conditions (rain, snow, strong winds) and breakages from falling trees. When this happens, A-American Fence Company should be first on your list to contact. We will do quality restoration at an affordable price.  

Wood Fence  

Many homes in Baton Rouge have wood fencing. Wood fences can last for a long time though this depends on the type wood used and the quality of installation done. Despite their sturdy nature, wood fences, like any other, are prone to damage and breakage over time. 

Restoring wooden fences requires meticulous assessment of the damage. It is highly important to be able to access the damaged area after the assessment and then find the best materials and support systems to do the repair. That is why you need the services of an expert such as the A-American Fence Company. We have the best quality wood fence repair materials and restore warped or damaged wood fence to its former sturdiness and beauty.   

Our Promise to You 

At A-American Fence Company, the quality of our service starts right from the moment you make your first call. You will receive friendly and satisfactory customer service. We will empower you with the information you need to to make an informed choice. When it is time to get down to business, our repair team constantly deliver quality work efficiently.   

We understand how vital a fence is to your home and how a damaged fence could be a big inconvenience. For that reason, we pride ourselves on offering prompt services at affordable rates. Our repairs will help your fences last for a long time. Good fences make good homes.  


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