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A American Fence Company does work for schools that includes fence installation, security gates and automation. Our security gates provide access control with safety latches, enter/exit buttons and panic bars for fire code compliance. The technology allows the school office to view and monitor who is ringing the WiFi driven doorbell for them to open the door/gate from the office. We strive to maintain and provide the most up-to-date technology with our automation products.


In addition, when we work with our Commercial and Industrial clients, we provide more than just fence installation. We can add railing for contained areas, install temporary fence for construction sites and barrier fences for containment areas such as for dumpsters and chemicals.  One job alone, we have installed fences for 10 baseball fields that included the 30’ tall backstops, foul poles, and dugouts. We have also installed new and repaired many of various city’s recreational parks, surrounding fields and golf courses.


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