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Ideas for privacy fencing that will make you love your backyard


It’s becoming increasingly popular for homeowners to want to create a peaceful backyard oasis. Utilizing your outdoor space in this way can add a lot to your home. Privacy fences are usually a necessary element in achieving this type of outdoor environment. In fact, most backyards in America are now enclosed by a privacy fences. The right privacy fence can lend a secluded and homey feel; whether you have a large or small yard. There are many fence designs and materials available on the market today which will give you the privacy you desire as well as an aesthetically pleasing landscape.





Most privacy fences in America are made of wood. This has always been the traditional material but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go with a traditional style anymore. There are numerous colors, styles, and designs on the market today. An increasingly popular modern choice is flat wooden planks laid horizontally. That said, there’s nothing like a white picket fence if you want a more traditional feel. With all the designs and materials available there is basically no limit to your options for wood privacy fencing except maybe your imagination and budget. Wood fencing will be less expensive initially but requires maintenance.  

A common variation is to create a band at the top of the fence that is only partially solid. Though it does compromise some privacy, it allows more air movement in climates where humidity makes breezes very important to comfortable outdoor living. These are often created with square or diagonal lattice, or panels of short pickets. For modern landscape design, metal grids are not uncommon as are sheets of perforated metals.



There has been an increase in the use of aluminum as a fence material because of its exceptional durability. This makes it an excellent choice for areas subject to high winds and extreme weather. It does not rust or rot. Aluminum also comes powder coated in many colors to help it maintain its original pristine appearance. Galvanized corrugated sheet metal is often used because of its widespread availability but aluminum is growing in popularity. This is because it is highly attractive, durable, and can give a home a more traditional style. It’s a great choice for people who want a low maintenance and durable yet still gorgeous metal fence but don’t want an industrial or modern vibe.



Vinyl is a leading alternative to wood that is becoming more and more sought after for its wide range of colors/styles, low maintenance and low cost. Vinyl can be made to closely resemble wood and comes in a wide variety of styles but it’s more durable. Vinyl will not blister and peel with prolonged sun exposure or inclement weather. It doesn’t need to be repainted routinely to maintain its original aesthetic appeal. This means more money in your pocket and less hassle for you down the line. Aamerican Fence has more than 30 years of experience installing custom vinyl fences and we have a huge selection of materials to choose from.


Building Codes

Fence height is usually controlled by most city or community ordinances. They are regularly limited to six feet above grade. It is important to check the building codes in your area and keep this in mind when designing your fence. The professionals at Aamerican Fence can help you create the privacy fence of your dreams while keeping to the building codes. If you want a fence higher than your community’s codes allow, you should check to see if your community allows temporary additions to the top. Some locations may allow it, but these must be easily removed to qualify.

TIP: A great way to extend the height of your privacy fence is with plants

If you are unable to create the privacy you want with your fence height, try adding foliage that grows above the top of the fence.