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Through blood, sweat, tears, and persistence, your dream business became a reality. It is imperative that you do everything possible to protect it from all ]threats, including physical ones. A perimeter security gate serves exactly this purpose.

Even if you’ve already invested in security cameras, your business is still vulnerable to intruders. The thing is, most of the people with evil intent can only be stopped by a physical deterrent. Therefore, depending on your high-tech CCTV cameras to keep robbers and trespassers away is a terrible strategy. What you need is something that will not only keep unwanted presences out of your premises, but also allow you to know and control who gets in, and what leaves the premises. It is a sound investment that should be made by every business owner who seeks to protect their assets as well as to keep their employees safe.

Here are 4 reasons why a perimeter security gate will do your business a world of good: 

  1. It’s a Powerful Physical Deterrent that will Keep Intruders at Bay

Though security cameras can alert you to what is happening at your premises at any given moment, only a perimeter gate is able to physically stop or at least slow down intruders. In the event of a break-in, every second is crucial. Installing a gate might buy you precious minutes and this might be all the time that’s needed for local authorities to intervene.

A perimeter gate ensures that all security issues are handled a good distance away from your place of business. It is the first line of defense against unwanted presences and a barrier that can be used to keep out even non-threatening but equally unwanted visitors such as sales pitchers.

  1. It is an Effective Way to protect your Assets

When thinking about the safety of your assets, you should consider your employees first as they are your most valuable asset. Their safety is paramount, but it is their peace of mind that will make them more productive members of your company.

You also need to think about protecting company equipment (including security gear) as well as supplies and products. The physical presence of a security gate is enough to deter people from gaining entry into your premises with the sole purpose of stealing. Even if it fails in its primary purpose, it can still be used to lock in potential criminals as you call for law enforcement. In the end, however, it is the sense of peace and security that is crucial to the maintenance of a productive work environment.

  1. A Perimeter Security Gate Protects your Image as Well

Your business should reflect your level of professionalism. It should be a clean, safe, and well protected environment that is devoid of disturbances and elements that may interrupt the workflow. A perimeter gate lets you keep every unwanted presence including passersby, trespassers, bored “adventurers,” vandals, and even stray animals from wandering into your premises at leisure.

Both your employees and clients will certainly not appreciate having to deal with random unwanted visitors, and they will view this as unprofessional. This can destroy your business’ image. A perimeter security gate is the best way to keep out everyone that might disrupt your business from functioning normally.

  1. You will be Able to Limit Access to your Property

Perhaps the most important reason to install a perimeter security gate is to give yourself peace of mind. Knowing exactly who or what is passing through your gates will allow you to control access into your property. This will prevent company items from being shipped out without your knowledge and keep out harmful threats (such as weapons, explosives, and drugs) that can ruin your business completely.

A security gate allows your security personnel to focus on one point as well as to regulate entries and exits from your property. It also gives you the power to stop solicitors from gaining access, and gives you control over supply deliveries and client arrivals. The personnel at the gate will always alert you when a visitor arrives, leaving you with plenty of time to prepare or to issue other directives.

In conclusion, a security perimeter gate gives you a lot more control over who comes into your property and what is allowed to leave the premises. It gives you peace of mind knowing that everyone within your premises has been identified, vetted, and cleared to be there, making for a safe and conducive work environment.

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