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Erecting exterior perimeter fences is pretty much the standard these days in residential areas. They provide security as well as aesthetic appeal. Although security and beauty are important, fences are capable of doing much more.

Interior fences aren’t as common as perimeter structures. Interior fences help to define spaces as well as to create opportunities within the homesite. An interior fence can help designate specific areas of your property to serve different functions such as a garden, lounging or BBQ area.

Interior fences primarily help to partition what’s inside your perimeter fence, and are thus better known as partition fences. When utilized properly, they can allow you to solve space issues as well as to control views and even improve security.

Don’t Hesitate to Explore New Materials

The increasingly costly price of lumber has led to the innovation of several non-wood fencing alternatives that are inherently more resilient. Though many still consider these fencing materials optional due to the favorable conditions of the places they live in, severe climates necessitate the use of cost-effective and highly durable fencing.

Options that were previously prohibitively expensive such as wrought iron are now available in lighter, tubular variations that can easily be adapted to suit a wide range of configurations. Vinyl has proven to be by far the most versatile in terms of color and style options, making it a reasonably priced option with great resilience.

Artificial fencing materials have taken the helm at least as far as fencing is concerned, and have proven to be much more viable options compared to the time worn wood and metal alternatives.

Design Plays a Big Role in Partition Fencing

As important as location and fence configuration are to a partition fence, design is just as pivotal when determining the detailing as well as the height of specific partitions. Fencing is quite versatile so you can adopt a number of different fence alignments to suit your partitioning preferences. Shorter enclosures will suit vegetable patches and flower gardens while sweeping curves can facilitate the creation of a whole different sector within your property.

Fencing can also be tweaked to either blend in with the rest of the landscape or to become a strong design element depending on what you’re gunning for. In the end, the objective is to create a landscape that is equally as functional as it is attractive.

Adopting Innovative Trends in Fencing

Today, security cam, gate buzzers and intercoms are all the rave. These innovations get full marks for convenience as well for improved security all around the property. The same applies to the new types of fences that have brought on a new meaning to tall barriers. These unique designs have ramped up the height of the average fence considerably, and this has dramatically improved homesite security.  Adopting such innovations into your partition fencing can make them much more useful. Unfortunately, not all fences are quite compatible with some of the latest innovative trends.

Rural landscapes still suffer from the challenges of fencing expansive tracts of land, which tends to be very costly due to the sheer scale of rural landscapes. However, the rustic landscape still reaps the benefits of the age-old picket fencing, which is quite affordable in comparison and relatively maintenance-free. Modern landscapers have opted to abandon wood posts in favor of steel posts, which are more impermeable and thereby immune to rot, mold, and mildew.

Regardless of budget limitations, architectural preferences, and even regional requirements, there is always a modern fencing alternative that is an improvement to the traditional wood fence. It is up to you and your landscaper to evaluate the options and decide whether these innovations will facilitate an upgrade to your homesite or will end up being a poor investment in the long run.

The Importance of Quality Contractors and Land Surveyors

The importance of a good fencing contractor cannot be understated, and neither can the usefulness of a proper, licensed land surveyor. The former aids in the proper construction of your fence to ensure maximum life expectancy and to make the most out of your investment. While the latter is crucial in the accurate mapping out of property lines to prevent future disputes.

In several cases, it is well worth the cost to go for quality even at the expense of cost. Boundary disputes can be hellish to deal with especially if your neighbors are in contention over where your fence should pass. Neighboring property owners are encouraged to work together. Especially when it comes to establishing mutual property lines. This is not only cost effective, but also conducive to all parties in the event the fence is erected on shared property lines.

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