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barb wire fence

Industrial properties are often high security areas and can be dangerous to those on the outside. They also contain valuable contents that need the extra security to prevent theft and provide safety along with security. In any circumstance, industrial properties highly benefit from a high security fence system. Many fences have built-in security features but not standard. High security fencing consists of a standard fence system with various options that offer more security than just a standard fence.


A few of the many options:

  • Razor Wire
  • Barbed wire
  • Automated access control systems
  • Specialized non-lethal electric security fence system
  • Barrier arms
  • Anti-Ram control wedges

barrier arm

These fences can be used in many applications, including industrial plants, prisons, and zoos. At A-American Fence, we have the experience with government contracts, so if your high security fencing need is for a government project, we’ve got you covered.



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