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One of the main challenges facing industrial sites or complexes today is security. As a property owner or manager, it is crucial that you take the necessary steps to ensure that your property is protected. Industrial sites often house high-value equipment and materials and can be very attractive targets for criminal activity. In addition, you have to achieve this while avoiding the scenario where your employees and customers feel imprisoned.  


Industrial fencing is an all-encompassing feature that can affect the entire business. The problem is that the fencing option of choice for most industrial site owners are chain link fences. In fact, these fences are often an indicator that one is looking at an industrial site. If security is a top priority, and it should be, you are doing yourself a disservice by using chain link fences.  


Reasons to Avoid Chain Link Fencing  


Chain link fencing is more of a problem for the industrial workers than for the criminals. This fencing option is largely ineffective if you want to keep your property secure. The most obvious reason why this is so is the scalability of a chain link fence. A criminal would have little trouble climbing a chain link fence since it provides excellent hand and footholds.  


Some property owners attempt to mitigate this issue by adding barbed wire atop the fences. Barbed wire is a very ineffective solution to this problem. Criminals can very easily circumvent barbed wire by throwing a piece of clothing or blanket over it. It is also possible to pry barbed wire off a fence with a forceful tug. Moreover, barbed wire on top of the fences will make the site feel more like a prison for your employees.  


Granted, many people elect for chain link fencing due to its cost. Its simplicity makes it a cheap fencing option. Installation of chain link fences is relatively simple requiring non-specialized tools. What this means is that thieves can easily access the site with tools that can be bought at a nearby store.  


In addition, chain link fences are mostly crafted from narrow wire. Criminals can easily bypass your security features without raising any alarms. All it takes is a simple wire cutter.  


Selecting the cheap fencing option is counterproductive if you seek to protect your high-value equipment. In the long term, cheap can be expensive when it comes to chain link fences. You will spend more on constant repairs and replacing your stolen equipment.  


The Best Fencing Option for Industrial Sites  


Although there are numerous fencing materials, not all of them are recommendable for an industrial site. If security is a major concern, fencing materials used for residential property will not be sufficient. Vinyl and aluminum are not sturdy enough to deter crime.  


Wood is strong in the beginning, and usage is quite common. However, wood is susceptible to rot and can become easy to bypass overtime. If you are looking for a fencing material that is secure and durable, steel is the way to go.  


Steel fencing’s fortitude will make your property more secure. For this reason, steel has become the fencing material of choice for industrial properties.  


Many people are discovering steel to be a cost-effective, secure, and durable security fencing option. Below is a comprehensive overview of some of the benefits of steel fencing.  


Steel Is Difficult to Break or Cut  


The elements of a steel fence, such as the vertical steel pickets through the rails, are a lot harder to remove compared to a chain link fence. Quality steel fences do not have hollow top and bottom rails. The rails have a lock rail inside, which secure the pickets in place and provide additional rigidity to the fence.  


These and other structural elements of a steel fence panels make it difficult for vehicles to ram through a steel security fence. Criminals will often resort to this method if they are trying to access industrial equipment worth thousands of dollars.  


Steel Fences Are Difficult to Climb  


Deterring climbing should be one of your goals when installing a security fence around your property. Steel fences are designed so that the bottom and top rails are sufficiently far apart. This can be highly effective at deterring climbers.  


You may even opt for high fencing specially build for security purposes, making climbing virtually impossible. The tapered spear-like tops on many steel fences are enough to stop vaulting (seizing the top rail and launching over the fence). If this is a concern, you can opt for longer pickets that curve outwards.  


Using longer pickets is a much more effective strategy than using barbed wire. An added benefit is that they instill a sense of security rather than imprisonment. If you are also interested in privacy, an iron and wood security fence can be a great combination.  


This is a low maintenance fencing option where the steel provides structural support while the wood ensures site privacy. The equipment of the property will be well hidden from the eyes of potential thieves.  


The entry point of a fence or any structure is its biggest vulnerability. Any issue with the entry point or gate of property places it at great risk. While this may not be very costly for residential areas, the ramifications for an industrial site can be major. An unrepaired breakdown can lead to the theft of materials and equipment.  


This can stall operations as they may be necessary for the job or order completion. Most property owners secure fence gates with padlocks. Intruders can bypass most padlocks either through brute force or by cutting them off.  


The problem is even worse for chain link fences as the fence is usually weaker than the lock. With steel panel gates, you have the option of integrated security locks. The gates are often available in single pieces. This means that they will not pop open when an intruder attempts to ram through them.  


A steel fence is always recommendable if you want to protect your property from unauthorized access, or to protect your equipment from theft, and to offer your workers a sense of security. Steel fencing has gotten increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reasons. It offers notable benefits including security, durability, cost efficiency, low maintenance, privacy, and aesthetic appeal. 



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